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What about Partial-Load Faculty?

Partial-load faculty face a choice about what kind of a system is better for them and their students.  Your union represents all partial-load and full-time faculty, and is engaged in an historic organizing campaign to gain the same rights for part-time and sessional faculty who—until recently—were excluded by provincial legislation from organizing and having the protections of a collective agreement.

Partial-load faculty issues are a top priority in this round of negotiations.  This round, all 24 college locals voted for demands that would dramatically reduce the inequity and instability for partial-load faculty.  At the negotiations table, your faculty bargaining team proposed a settlement offer that prioritizes fairness for all faculty through:

  • Improved job security for partial-load faculty
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Better paths to full-time jobs
  • Complement language that would increase the number of full-time jobs available
  • Stronger workload protections for both partial-load and full-time faculty
  • Equitable access to benefits for partial-load faculty

You can find faculty’s full plan here.

The Article 2 freeze prevents the union from seeking access to full-time jobs for partial-load faculty. College Council’s settlement offer would extend this hiring freeze for another 4 years, and includes nothing to improve the number of full-time jobs, nor any improvements to partial-load job security.

The faculty proposal has partial-load professors covered by Article 11 so that all of your work—including preparation and evaluation—is accounted for, and that you are paid at a rate pro-rated from the full-time salary grid.  It’s a simple idea: equal pay for equal work.  Council says this would cost an additional $123 million—the difference between what you are being paid now vs. what you would be paid if your work was calculated in the same way as full-time faculty.  Council’s plan would pay each partial-load faculty member a $250 signing bonus, but no other improvements to workload, salary, or benefits.

College Council refuses to honour their upcoming obligations under Bill 148 and will not negotiate fair wages for partial-load faculty at the bargaining table. Their offer tables any discussions until after a settlement is signed, and they have explicitly stated that there will be no new money to fund any changes.  They have also refused our offer to approach the government together to lobby for increased funding.  The faculty team believes that there is no need to wait: the time is now to negotiate equity for partial-load faculty.

Your team is committed to making equity for partial-load faculty a reality in the Ontario college system.


Strike Pay, if a strike is warranted
  • Strike pay from OPSEU is $40.00 per day ($200.00/ week) plus $10.00 per day per dependent ($50.00/week)
  • The local will pay an additional weekly amount of $415/week to each striking member of Local 110 for the first 3 weeks of the strike- as passed at the General Membership meeting


  1. Only OPSEU members who have signed a membership card are eligible for strike pay.
  2. Strike pay is not taxable income.
  3. In order receive strike pay, members must perform strike duties. Please contact the local with any questions.

Darryl Bedford, President  OPSEU Local 110