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Strike Pay: How do we get paid?

Hello OPSEU Local 110 Members:

In order to ensure timely strike payments we require 2 things from you:
1.  Log and sign the hours you have worked each day with your picket captain.  This sign in sheet is our payroll record.  If you don’t sign it, we don’t know you worked and your pay will reflect this.
2. If you haven’t already, login to the OPSEU portal and sign up for direct deposit:
How will we get paid?

Your payment will come in 2 forms – a direct deposit from head office and a manual cheque from Local 110 for the top up from our local.
When will we get paid?
Head Office Amount - pay sheets are entered by midnight on the Monday following a week of strike.  Payroll is processed on the Tuesday and deposits take 24 – 72 hours depending on which bank you deal with.  This means the head office payment will arrive in your bank account on October 26 or 27th for the hours worked this week (Oct 16 – 20).
Local 110 Top Up – manual cheques will be created once the hours are logged with head office.  These cheques will be available for pick up at our headquarters at 520 First Street on October 26th and 27th.  (Alternate arrangements being made for St. Thomas and Woodstock.) You must pick up in person, with photo identification, and sign to indicate you have received your cheque.
What if I don’t work the full 20 hours required?
Unless you have an accommodation authorized by our office, your strike pay will be proportionately reduced for any hours missed.
What if I have more questions? 
Please contact the headquarters by email or visit 520 First Street, Unit #22 and speak to whomever is on duty.
Thanks for your patience and your work so far.
Rachel McCorriston
Treasurer, OPSEU Local 110