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Strike FAQ for Faculty Members

Strike FAQ for Faculty Members



Where are we?


Our bargaining team has stated that if there is no deal by the evening of Thursday 17 March, a full strike will begin on Friday 18 March.  That means there are no classes on Friday if a strike is called.


Local 110 President Darryl Bedford has made a video if you have not seen it:


Does this deadline mean a full strike is guaranteed?


No. A lot can happen in a few days. Our bargaining team has stated that they will either return to the table or accept binding interest arbitration.


What does a “full strike” involve?

Without a deal, as of Friday 18 March, college faculty will cease all work. Union members, full-time and partial-load (7 to 12 hours per week), would be on strike. Accordingly, members will stop earning pay as of March 18.


I am scheduled for a pay deposit on 24 March. Will I receive this?


Yes. For faculty paid on 24 March, the pay period goes until 15 March, so you will receive your usual full pay deposit then. Faculty paid on other schedules (for example, some non-full-time faculty) will receive all pay owed up until the strike begins.


How does strike pay work?


There are two types of strike pay: pay that comes from OPSEU Head Office and pay that comes from Fanshawe Local 110.


Central strike pay, paid by OPSEU at Head Office, will be paid via direct deposit. It is crucial that you visit the OPSEU member portal and register for direct deposit.


OPSEU strike pay is $250.00/per week for the first three weeks, and $350.00 per week thereafter. Extra amounts are paid per dependent.


Fanshawe Local 110 strike pay will be set this week, but we anticipate that it will be $175.00 per member per week for the first 3 weeks.


You must be a signed member of OPSEU to collect strike pay. Login to the OPSEU Member Portal at and verify your contact information, banking information for direct deposit, and your dependent information are correct. If you are having trouble logging into the Portal, email Cathy at or OPSEU Member Services at


Further information will be available soon regarding the mechanics of all of this.


Note that strike pay is tax free.


I am part-time / sessional. Will I receive strike pay?


Unfortunately, no, as part-time / sessional faculty are not unionized because of the ongoing legal efforts by the employer to exclude this group from unionization.


What are we planning in terms of picket lines?


COVID-19 requires that we change our normal practices. Although we plan to run some picket lines on some days at some locations, we anticipate that the bulk of our strike activity will be virtual. We will prepare a daily messaging sheet and asking members to engage via email and social media.


More details will follow shortly.


What if I can’t picket for health reasons?


Members who cannot participate in our selective physical picket duties as described above will still receive strike pay so long as they perform other strike duties, virtual or otherwise.


What happens to my benefits while on strike?


OPSEU will pay for member extended health and paramedical benefits for the duration of the strike so that your benefit coverage will be uninterrupted.


Members on sick leave will have their pay interrupted; however, they will receive strike pay as above.


Members who are on Long Term Disability (LTD) will continue to receive their benefits from SunLife.


What should I tell my students?


Local 110 has informed the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) of our strike deadline.


We will also prepare an announcement for you to post on FOL. This announcement will be available soon.

What if I have FOL content timed for release on or after March 18?

You should remove any upcoming content that you’ve not yet covered.