The Crisis of Contingent Employment

If you are a part-time or sessional employee in the Ontario college system, you currently have no union representation or protection. You know only too well what this means: insecure employment term-to-term, low wages, and minimal benefits. The leadership of OPSEU 110 wants to change this. We want to see part-time and sessional faculty members union-represented and union-protected. That day will come, but until it does, we strongly encourage you to keep yourself informed of developments communicated on this site.

Up until 2008, the government of Ontario denied the right of part-time and sessional faculty in the colleges to unionize. Language expressly prohibiting unionization was included in the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA). However, the Supreme Court of Canada recognized the right to unionize as constitutionally protected in 2007, and the Ontario government changed the CCBA. Now, part-time and sessional can organize, and they must. OPSEU began an organization drive for part-time and sessional faculty shortly after the change to the CCBA, but it did not succeed. That was then; this is now. A vote was held in June 2016 asking part-time support staff if they wish to join OPSEU.  Renewed efforts to organize part-time/sessional faculty will begin soon.

We invite you to visit and the grassroots invitiative Contract Faculty Forward.  A Facebook page with relevant information is here.


Part Time and Sessional Faculty can participate in the CAAT Pension Plan

A common misconception is that you must be a member of the union to contribute to the CAAT Pension Plan. Not so. If you work as a part time or  sessional college faculty member in Ontario, the CAAT Plan refers to you as “Other Than Regular Full-Time” (OTRFT) employee. An OTRFT employee is technically defined by the Plan as someone with a fixed contract end date. As of January 1, 2014 OTRFT members can opt to join the Plan immediately upon hire.  Link to:  CAAT Pension Plan Web Site


Importantly, although we cannot officially represent you, we are aware of your challenges, and we will provide information and updates pertinent to your concerns under this tab.