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The Educator – November 2018

The Educator – November 2018 Final   This issue of The Educator is devoted entirely to two articles, both very important, especially given the outcome of our recent strike. One is by Frank Green (p. 2-7), past president of Local 110, who reviews the early history of unionization at Fanshawe College. The other is by our current president, Darryl Bedford (p. 8-12), who relates his own personal history since joining the college as contract faculty in 2002 up to the last round of bargaining. These two articles remind us how hard it can be to secure improvements in the college system, but they also show us how much has been gained from the efforts of dedicated men and women before us. You will learn here about Ross Rachar who built the union at Fanshawe while carrying a full-time teaching load. He died in his early 50s but accomplished a lifetime of benefits for all of us. It’s important to remember him and others like him who fought hard and made sacrifices. Last year, working side-by-side with the $15 and Fairness organization, faculty won fairer labour laws in the form of Bill 148. Now, Doug Ford’s Bill 47 threatens equal pay for equal work. The Bill hasn’t been passed yet, and there is still time to advocate for its defense. Polls show strong public support for the changes that were in Bill 148. You can help by signing the online petition at faculty or calling the Premier’s office number at 416-325-1941 to demand Bill 47 be withdrawn.