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The Educator – November 2015

Welcome back to another term.  We’re a little slow off the blocks this year, in part because we are now launching our new webpage (, which I strongly encourage you to visit. The future of communication is digital, and the union would have been remiss not to update its webpage to serve its members as conveniently as possible. We welcome feedback about the new site, and members will find the new design facilitates two-way communication.

There is a feeling abroad in the college that our union-management relations have improved. It certainly seems that way to me, and it is something to be grateful for. The credit is shared between the union and management. Both parties have worked to create greater cooperation in the interests of our college community.

Serious disagreements remain, however. Our college administration is tempted by privatization schemes, which the union firmly opposes. We stand behind public education and resist attempts to undermine it. Technology we favor, but not technological displacement of human beings working with other human beings in direct relationships. If that is lost in education, no cost-savings and no efficiencies will compensate us as learners and citizens.

The articles in this issue address these and related concerns. Frank Green writes about our union’s invitation to Bob Rae to review his 2005 Report on Education in the Colleges. Fred Varkaris gives us all a timely heads up about the new accreditation processes coming to Ontario colleges. Michael Boisvert explains the purpose and importance of union dues and why we need them at Fanshawe. Thomas Barnes writes about students and technology, which is an urgent issue for any teacher. Chief Steward Mark Feltham considers the union’s ‘protectionist’ role in light of the still-not-forgotten TriOs debacle and its threat to job security and the integrity of public education. I provide a few reflections on the recent federal election. Finally, Darryl Bedford informs us about another inroad of privatization and what the union is doing about it. I hope members recognize their union is doing all it can to foster a positive and cooperative relationship with management on a broad range of issues while remaining always vigilant in defense of public education.

 Download the November 2015 edition of The Educator here.