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Message from the OFL

We appreciate you doing your part to advocate for Ontario’s workers. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the solidarity of people like you.

Stay vigilant. Follow the Ontario Federation of Labour on social media for the latest from our campaigns and for more ways you can get involved.

Simple acts such as likes, follows, and shares can have ripple effects across the movement. Protecting workers’ rights is a task that can’t be done alone–but, with the power of many supporting those in need, our strength is unparalleled.

The reality is that every time we confront exploitation and oppression we find ourselves a part of history – and on the right side of it. We can’t stand idly by while workers in this province are exploited. It’s critical that we’re always ready to act when the time comes.

Never miss an opportunity to stand up for Ontario workers. Follow the OFL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks again for being on our side. We’ll be in touch soon with more.

Until then,


Patty Coates
Ontario Federation of Labour