Workload Monitoring Group (WMG)

The Workload Monitoring Group is comprised of up to four faculty members and up to four representatives from management. This committee monitors and resolves workload issues arising under the collective agreement.

Referring Your Workload

You have 5 working days from the date of receipt to review your SWF (Standard Workload Form). To refer your workload to WMG, check the box, sign, write a brief reason for the referral, and return your SWF.

If you do not return your SWF within 5 working days, the College can “deem” the workload to be accepted.

Even if you have an existing SWF, you can refer situations that have increased your workload using the process in Article 11.02 A 6 (a). You need to first notify your supervisor of the workload concern. A discussion shall take place with 14 days after the circumstances giving rise to the concern. Within 7 days, the supervisor must provide a written response. If the concern is not resolved, the member can refer the complaint to WMG.


Annotated SWF

SWF template