Q: As a partial-load faculty, am I entitled to membership in the union?
A: Yes. We do recommend that you sign a membership card. You are covered by the Collective Agreement

Q: Do I pay dues?
A: By law, union dues, which are tax deductible, are deducted by the College from your pay, whether or not you join the union, since all who receive these valuable services share the cost of providing them. Please join so that you can exercise all your rights.

Q: If I want to maintain full membership in the Local, do I need to sign a union card at the beginning of each partial-load contract?
A: Yes, to maintain the accuracy of our membership list. Membership gives you the right to move motions, vote, stand for office and set demands for bargaining.

Q: How does the Collective Agreement affect partial-load faculty?
A: The Collective Agreement affects vital aspects of your job such as:
• Your wages and seniority;
• your access to extended health and paraprofessional services;
• your access to employee-paid insurance benefits, including vision, hearing, dental and life insurance;
• your access to paid sick leave;
• your job security.

Q: How do I get a copy of the Collective Agreement?
A: You should have received a copy of the Collective Agreement from Human Resources when you were initially hired. Contact the union if you don’t have your copy.

Q: Where do I find the provisions that apply to partial-load faculty?
A: Many of the articles of the Collective Agreement apply to both partial-load and full-time faculty. However, since partial-load salary, step progression, job security, health and insurance benefits, and sick-leave provisions differ from those of full-time employees, the rights exclusively related to partial-load employees are defined in Article 26 of the Collective Agreement. We encourage you to read it carefully.

Q: Where can I find the pay grid?
A: See Article 26.04 of the Collective Agreement (page 59 of the printed book).

Q: What if I think I am at the wrong place on the pay grid?
A: Please contact us to go over ou can go to your union and have calculations done to see if you are on the correct place on the grid.

Q: Do I get pay increases?
A: Yes, negotiated percentage improvements are applied to partial-load as well. However, moving up a step in the partial-load grid is more difficult due to the way service is accumulated. See Article 26.10 C.

Q: Do I receive health benefits?
A: You receive 100% paid extended health benefits. This coverage includes 100% of eligible expenses for semi-private hospital coverage, private duty nurses (subject to a limit) or registered trained attendants outside of hospitals, emergency services of a physician outside of Canada subject to Ontario fees, dental services as a result of accident or injury, up to $1500 annually of paramedical services, and over the counter prescribed drugs for a chronic condition and prescription drugs. Because of coordination of benefits you will want to sign up for this benefits that has been fully negotiated on your behalf. You are entitled to enroll at your own expense in any of the other plans eligible to full-time employees such as life and dependent insurance, vision and hearing and dental benefits.

Q: If I have other questions?
A: Contact us at 519-452-4205 or union@opseu110.ca