Stewards – Fanshawe College Faculty Union

The LEC (Local Executive Committee) consists of the Local Stewards.  Officers are elected from current Stewards.

When should you request the presence of a union steward? Many unions recommend to their members that they keep the following phrase in mind and use it when the time comes:

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative be present.”

School of Applied Science and Technology
  • John Conley
  • Charles Millar
School of Building Technology
  • Kurt Vandenbroek
School of Business
  • Rachel McCorriston
  • Jeffrey Preston
  • John Trembley
School of Contemporary Media
  • Abe Kelledjian
  • Candace Lawrence
  • Shelley Reynolds
Centre for Academic Excellence (vacant)
School of Design
  • Martin Healy
School of Health Sciences
  • Liz Lorusso
School of Human Services
  • Kay Wigle
School of Information Technology
  • Darryl Bedford
  • Lianne Wong
James N. Allan Campus (vacant)
School of Language and Liberal Studies
  • Jennifer Boswell
  • Kathleen Dindoff
  • Matt Farrell
  • Mark Feltham
  • Whitney Hoth
  • Paul Meahan
  • Sabine Milz
  • Megan Anderson
School of Nursing
  • Marilyn Ott
Oxford Campus
  • Bette Rowe
St. Thomas-Elgin Campus (vacant)
School of Tourism & Hospitality
  • Pascal Chambon
School of Transportation Technology
  • Mark Russell
  • Gord King