How to Report Absences

 The College now uses an Absence Management System (AMS) to track employee absences, including sick days and vacations. You can log into this system via the Employee Portal.

Some parts of the College enter absences into AMS for the employees; however, it is our understanding that all employees will eventually be required to enter their absences themselves. Check with your supervisor regarding the procedures in your area.

Please note that entering an absence into AMS should happen after you’ve followed your normal departmental procedures for calling in sick, canceling classes, etc.

Article 11.01 G1 of our Collective Agreement states “Where preparation, evaluation, feedback to students and complementary functions can be appropriately performed outside the College, scheduling shall be at the discretion of the teacher, subject to the requirement to meet appropriate deadlines established by the College.”

We recommend that you report only scheduled activities that you miss due to illness. You would not normally be excused from marking and complementary functions falling under 11.01 G1 due to illness; it is generally understood that you would still be expected to complete such activities once you were better. Thus, it is the Union’s position that these activities are not subject to sick time and should not be reported as such.

For example, if you miss 1 hour of class due to illness, you should report only 1 hour of absence. If you miss 1 hour of class and a 1-hour meeting, you should report 2 hours, and so on.