Contract FAQ for Full-Time Faculty at Fanshawe College

We have provided this handy contract FAQ for full-time faculty to help you understand the Academic Employees Collective Agreement. Should you have any further questions, contact us.


Q: When does our current contract (collective agreement) expire?

A: September 30, 2021


Q: When would collective bargaining begin again?

A: Under the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act, notice to bargain can be given 90 days prior to the expiry of the collective agreement.


Q: How does Ontario’s Bill 124 affect us?

A: The Bill seeks to limit pay increases in our next collective agreement. OPSEU has launched a legal challenge to the Bill.


Q: Where can I find the full-time pay grid?

A: Article 14.03 A 1 (page 27) of the Collective Agreement.


Q: Where can I find how initial salary step is calculated?

A: Refer to the Classification Plan on page 122 of the Collective Agreement.


Q: Where can I find the vacation scheduling language?

A: Refer to Article 15 on page 31 of the Collective Agreement.