Benefit Information for Retired Faculty

The link below connects you to CAAT Retiree Benefit information including descriptions of all of the different benefit plans, copies of the CAATNIPs newsletter that goes out to all retirees annually and the rates.

CAAT Retirees Group Insurance Advisory Committee (CRGIAC)

The Committee acts as an advisory body and assists the Council in ensuring the appropriate benefit design and cost effectiveness of the group insurance benefit plans available for all eligible retirees.

There are three retiree representatives on the CRGIAC. Two are appointed by OPSEU, one from the CAAT Academic retirees and one from the CAAT Support retirees.

CRGIAC OPSEU Retiree Representatives:

Leslie Millson-Taylor — Appointed by OPSEU Academic

Sheila Hirsch-Kalm — Appointed by OPSEU Support

Our CRGIAC Contact:

Kim Macpherson — OPSEU —