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Day of Action on Equal Pay for Equal Work

April 4 is the Day of Action on Equal Pay for Equal Work

Ontario’s new equal pay laws come into force on April 1, 2018 meaning that all non-unionized contract, casual, temporary and part-time workers are entitled to equal pay for equal work. At colleges, this means that contract faculty who are paid less than their full-time colleagues for teaching the same courses are now entitled to equal pay for the same work. It means part-time support staff on campus should be getting the same pay as their full-time colleagues for doing equal work.

For unionized partial-load college faculty, we negotiated a deadline of one year from the signing of our collective agreement for the implementation date for Bill 148, including these new equal pay laws.  We are linked to the larger Fight for $15 & Fairness movement, bringing more strength to the table. Organizers across the province will be joining us on April 4 to get the word out about the new equal pay laws on campus and in their communities.

More details to follow.