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Bullying and Psychological Harassment

We often receive questions at the Local 110 office that relate to possible bullying and psychological harassment in the workplace.

Q: What is bullying/psychological harassment?

This poster gives an overview of bullying and harassment: OPSEU Bullying and Harassment Poster

Article 4.02 A  of the Collective Agreement defines bullying and also describes what is not bullying. Here is the definition of bullying/psychological that forms part of Article 4.02 A 5:

Bullying/psychological harassment refers to any vexatious behaviour that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome and that:

(a) Adversely affects an employee’s dignity, or psychological or physical integrity, and/or

(b) Takes the form of repeated conduct which could reasonably be regarded as intending to intimidate, offend, degrade or humiliate, and/or

(c) Results in a harmful work environment.

Q: Which policies or statutes cover bullying and psychological harassment at Fanshawe College?

1. Fanshawe College Policy P208: Respectful College Community and Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

2. Academic Employees Collective Agreement, Article 4

3. Occupational Health and Safety Act (Ontario) a.k.a. “Bill 168″

If you are thinking that there has been a violation of any of these in the workplace, we highly recommend that you contact Local 110 before proceeding. We have had issues with the Respectful College Community process; we can advise you as to the most suitable approach and forum for your situation.


Q: If there is an issue, is the employer required to deal with it?

Yes. Article 4.02 A 4 states “The College shall make reasonable provisions to ensure that employees are free from bullying/psychological harassment as defined within this article.”


Q: Where do I go for help?

Please contact Local 110 for assistance.