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#BargainingForBetter Zoom Background

Toolkit For Faculty

#BargainingForBetter Zoom Background

This is the College Faculty #BargainingForBetter zoom background that you can use for meetings, classes, and recordings:

Bargaining For Better

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E-Mail Signature

Add the following to your college email signature:

In response to the College Employer Council’s decision to impose employment conditions following the College Faculty voted to support strike actions (, Ontario college faculty are now following work-to-rule guidelines established by the Faculty Bargaining Team.

Faculty have chosen to focus on our students’ needs and not interrupt College courses with a strike at this time, while demanding that our employer negotiate a fair resolution to this labour dispute. Work-to-rule means that we will be working only the time outlined by our current contract and workload assignments, or job descriptions. This means that we may not be available for additional, volunteer work that we may normally do, or work outside of regular work hours. Therefore, we may take more time than usual to respond to emails or other forms of communication and any additional work-related requests.

Currently we are in Phase 2 of the planned work-to-rule job actions. For more information on these actions including a work-to-rule FAQ, please visit:  We appreciate your patience and your support in our efforts to improve working conditions for Ontario college faculty and the learning conditions of Ontario college students.