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Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update: March 24, 2022


Hello Faculty,

Arbitrator William Kaplan has imposed a media blackout on the upcoming voluntary mediation-interest arbitration between the Colleges’ and College Faculty bargaining teams. There will be no further communication from the team until Arbitrator Kaplan lifts the blackout. We thank all faculty for their continued support and solidarity.

–CAAT-A Bargaining Team

Bargaining Update: March 17, 2022

Joint Statement: The parties have reached an agreement to enter binding interest arbitration and the strike that was scheduled to commence at 12:01 am on March 18, 2022, is called off. This also concludes all work-to-rule strike activities.

Proposals and Presentations

You can find all of the proposals and presentations from your CAAT-A Bargaining Team, and from the CEC, at this link on