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Bargaining Updates February 21, 2022

Bargaining Updates: February 21, 2022


A number of you have been asking what the vote result of 62% to reject the CEC’s forced offer means for faculty. And you’ve asked me to weigh in based on my experience.

To be clear, this vote does not mean picket lines.  In December, members gave the bargaining team a strike mandate and in response to the CEC’s imposition of terms, the Team chose a different form of job action: Work-to-Rule.  The work-to-rule campaign continues.

We are at a strange point under the bargaining procedures set out in the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA). The CEC has said they won’t lock us out. They’ve used their available moves and lost. The Union is already in a legal job action. There are no further deadlines in the CCBA; this could go on indefinitely.

Under the CCBA, only two things end this round of negotiations:

  1. The parties return to the table and reach a tentative agreement, followed by a ratification vote.


  1. The parties agree to binding arbitration.

As many have pointed out, based on the CEC messaging, significant pressure needs to be applied if either of the above is to happen. As examples, any of these can work:

  • Work-to-rule causes too many problems for management
  • Students speak out (e.g. the College Student Alliance is calling for binding arbitration)
  • You continue to speak out on the issues (privatization, workload, precarious employment, etc.)
  • Politicians speak out on the issues
  • Feeling the pressure, College Presidents stop taking advice from CEC execs and reassert control of the CEC through their Board

We do have some important business to conduct at our General Membership Meeting on Thursday from 10am-Noon. However, after the Local budget, delegate elections, and bylaw recommendations, we have time to field questions.

In solidarity,
Darryl Bedford
President, OPSEU Local 110


Proposals and Presentations

You can find all of the proposals and presentations from your CAAT-A Bargaining Team, and from the CEC, at this link on