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Bargaining Update September 24

Bargaining Updates as of Friday, September 24

We are happy to report that today, the sixteenth scheduled day of negotiations, the College Employer Council’s Bargaining Team agreed to the process of mediation that we proposed last Friday in the hopes of fostering constructive dialogue between the teams. We are confident that both sides will soon reach agreement on details regarding the process.

When not at the table, the team spent much of the day going through our published proposals in an effort to distill them further and to incorporate feedback that we have received. We look forward to continuing a process of dialogue and compromise, in consultation with a mediator.

We are also very pleased to report the release today of the 2021 Update on Education in Ontario Colleges by Kevin MacKay and Martin Devitt, which was distributed to members earlier today. This is the first major update to MacKay’s 2014 Report on Education in Ontario Colleges, and provides an important look at current social trends that affect both our students’ education and our members’ working conditions.

In solidarity,
JP, Jonathan, Katie, Michelle, Ravi, Rebecca, Shawn