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About Local 110

OPSEU Local 110 is the Union representing all Full-Time and Partial-Load Professors, Counsellors and Librarians at Fanshawe College.  We currently have over 950 members.

About Us

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union – Local 110 represents Fanshawe College faculty. We strive to find equal ground for educators and the employer to work together.

We work to protect rights and correct wrongs for partial load and full time professors, counsellors and librarians by providing information, effective support, advice and advocacy.

Our History

In the 1970’s, Ontario college faculty opted to be represented by the Civil Service Association of Ontario (CSAO). Only a few years later, the CSAO later became a full-fledged union under the name Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU). A video detailing the history of the CSAO and OPSEU can be found here OPSEU: 100 Years Strong.

In 1975, the province passed the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA) defining the bargaining unit for full-time and partial-load Ontario college faculty. As part of that legislation, part-time and sessional faculty were legally barred from joining a union. The CCBA also stipulates a framework for collective bargaining at the provincial level.

On May 1 1977 Local 110 received its official charter from OPSEU. The Local represents full-time and partial-load Professors, Counsellors, and Librarians at Fanshawe College.

Local 110 participated in the province-wide strikes of 1984, 1989, 2006, and 2017. Through many rounds of collective bargaining, our members played a significant role in securing many of the protections found in the current Academic Employees Collective Agreement.

In 2008, the CCBA was amended by the province to allow for a part-time and sessional faculty bargaining unit. As of today they are still not organized, however, Local 110 continues to champion their cause at Fanshawe College.

The Educator, the Local’s official newsletter, was launched in 2010.

Local 110 approved and adopted its own Bylaws, in addition to those contained within the OPSEU Constitution, in 2014.